David Epstein

Favourite Quote: “Learning stuff was less important than learning about oneself. Exploration is not just a whimsical luxury of education. It is of central benefit”

Review: This book starts out incredibly strong with a wonderful comparison of the success of two sporting superstars – Tiger Woods and Rodger Federer. Reading the different approaches these two undertook had me hooked. Nevertheless, as I continued further into the novel, I felt it failed to reach these high standards again. Some interesting tales into chess champions and space pioneering but I felt the essence of the novel was lost as these exemplars felt to be increasingly derailed from the crux of the novel.  Sadly, the most inspired I felt to adopt a generalist approach was lost after several chapters. Perhaps stop after the first few chapters and the author’s message will resonant with you longer.  

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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